1981 Lincoln Town Car

1981 Lincoln Town Car

Manufactured products that manage to live beyond their designed life have always fascinated me. My first fixation with this was around cars, abandoned ones in particular. A later obsession with abandoned houses brought with it an aesthetic that included the use of dark, gloomy clouds and a particular effect achieved with High Dynamic Range (HDR) software. Add to that a multi-year journey into finding out how to make black and whites to match or exceed that which I was able to achieve in the wet darkroom and you have the makings of a life long journey into finding a personal way of capturing, in visual form, the sadness which I feel when present at these locations.

This is the first shot in a project that turned out to be a 2-hour shoot of 49 abandoned cars, along with an additional 6 plus hours processing in the computer. The previous project that helped develop these skills took nearly 5 years to complete from start to finish. Long-term photography projects are amazing beasts, if you listen well enough, they tell you the myriad of things you need to learn so that they can properly finish them. And once finished you have a skill-set that can be used to great effect on other projects.

I found this rusted automotive wonderland when I was not even looking for one. As I was driving past here, after dropping a friend off after lunch, I spied some old abandoned cars through some trees near a railway track and spent a frustrating 10 minutes trying to find a way into the compound they were located in. All to no avail, so I drove away as ‘life’ beckoned me elsewhere.

But I could not let go.

A trick I have used in the past came to mind, and is particularly useful when you are not pressed for time; you simply take a different route than the one you normally do, and you just drive slowly along it. Having had my appetite whetted and being on the 'wrong side of the tracks', where most of the run down and abandoned property is, a few days later I decided to take a specifi
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