Abandoned farmhouse & Chevy truck, Quenemo, Kansas

Abandoned farmhouse & Chevy truck, Quenemo, Kansas

As in so many areas in Kansas, this house sits in a sea of abandonment, being one of 3 or 4 within a few square miles. It is actually right on a main road, easily viewable without any effort.

What drew me to this particular scene, and indeed why I came to a screeching halt right in the middle of the road, was the pickup. Who could pass this beauty and not regret it. Trucks like this are so common out here on the prairies; they were the workhorses of their time, which just kept on going, and going. Parts were also easy to get hold of and every farmer here was a mechanic par excellence, adept at squeezing yet another hundred thousand miles out of each engine.

Even to this day it looks to me like the Chevy tried its best to get away from the abandonment of the farmhouse behind, and failed. What made the owners leave? And why did the leave the truck? Was 200,000 miles on the clock too much to bring back to life? Or was it 300,000, or 400,000? Whatever number, it surely had also past its last legs, just like the homestead behind.

I have become reluctant to tag these particular locations to a map, as I am told there are now countless people who regularly just crisscross the prairies trying to recover and sell these beautiful mechanical beasts. I feel strongly that they should be left where they are, testament to the generations of families that have upped and left.

We surely would never think of disturbing an ancient burial site; I cannot see how this could be any different.
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