Colosseum & the Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy

Colosseum & the Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy

Why do we love one of our pictures more than the others? Is it because it is better, because it captured some special action, because it represents a new level of achievement? But is that not like saying to your children that you love one more than the others?

I have been travelling to Italy since I was aged 20, I did not own a camera then. Over the eight or nine trips since I managed to pick up a number of cameras along the way and so have taken hundreds photos, many of which I love to this day.

This photo of the Colosseum was taken on a trip to Rome in late 2008. On a previous shoot here in 2007 I was located at the water fountain to the bottom of the shot. Once I had finished that particular shoot it was only then I noticed a high embankment wall above the entrance to the Metro Station, but as the Blue Moment of dusk lasts just a short while, I wasn’t able to make use of that elevated platform at that time.

On this trip I was determined to get a different angle on my favourite building in the world. The top of the wall here is a really wide, which allows a completely clear view of the scene I was determined to capture, so all I had to do was climb up on it and plop down my tripod. Yes, I did receive some strange stares!

This position gives a stunning view of Emperor Nero's shining glory; I could have drunk it in for hours. Another great thing about the view, for me, is how it allows The Arch of Constantine on the right to be seen in its proper context. I can almost hear the Triumphs of the various Emperors parading through it as they turn to enter the Forum, showered in glory from some recent conquest.

So you really can love one of your photos more than the others, but only if it offers something new, something fresh, and is built on the shoulders of previous attempts. But I wasn't terribly concerned with such esoteric thoughts at the time. I was in my favourite city, steeped in my favourite period in history, salivating over my favourite building, saturated by my favourite time of day; what’s not to love?
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